Events & Promotion

Knowing in details the company needs, as well as products and services, also having the right connection with all related companies, we are able to organize any event starting from the guest lists to the speeches and the delivered messages, including all the logistical compound needed for the event.

We have been very successful in organizing: Conferences, Business Social responsibility events, Product promotions and launches, Grand Openings, Workshops, Training and Seminars, Product testing, Retreats, etc… 

The organization of a business events is our best and most effective tools. But to wring the maximum advantage from it, it is fundamentally important to make it visible not just to those who are invited, but to the widest audience possible. These days, there are numerous strategies that focus principally, although not exclusively, on the internet and social media as the best ways to promote and publicize any corporate event.

Although internet and social networks are fundamental in making an event known, they are not the only way. More “traditional” strategies are also very effective. 

Select the target audience – We are not talking about preparing a mass event – it is more to do with selecting the clients, professionals, guests, speakers and employees who are most suited to achieving the objectives in each case, which first have to be defined as well as possible.

Innovate, surprise, seduce…

It is very important to give the guests unique, one-of-a-kind experiences that will stick in their minds. The fact is that this is not so difficult to achieve, it is just a matter of using some imagination and trying to provide that little bit extra, or getting off the beaten track.

The power is in details!

In an increasingly impersonal and bureaucratic society, the little extra touches are very much appreciated, and have the added advantage of being cheap. For example: hand-written invites in the form of a post card, using a representative emblem or ornamental detail from an exotic country, a brief personalized video, an internet blog with photos that are either funny or that capture the human side of the event, and so on.

For these reasons, we will take all actions to promote your events based on latest trends of events, addressing every possible online and offline channel in order to ensure a successful promotion and achieve maximum impact.


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Turn imagination

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